• ECSI's civil engineering experience provides a thorough knowledge of site methodologies from inception through construction.

  • ECSI provides a complete understanding of mining methodologies from exploration and resource estimation to mine planning and design through reclamation and closure.

  • ECSI is a leader in environmental technology and training. Our team is fully versed in all applicable environmental regulations relating to air, water quality, and soil contamination.

  • ECSI provides complete safety programs or individual components necessary to comply with or exceed regulatory requirements including training and certification of employees.

  • ECSI has a staff of professional engineers, scientists, and experts that provide forensic investigations to insurance companies, attorneys, and corporations.

  • ECSI applies the principles of risk management techniques to industrial, mining, and environmental sites. Our team is recognized by regulators and clients for their innovative, practical and scientific approach to risk assessment.

"With problems there are always opportunities. We view problems and ECSI's ability to solve them a major asset. Looking for solutions that create value and opportunity is our primary mission."

J. Steven Gardner, P.E., P.S.